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Artemis Gallery provides appraisal documentation that includes item/artist description, provenance and auction records for the artist, general assessment of authenticity, quality, condition and fair market price and replacement value.

In many cases we can provide you with useful information about the identity of an item and its history by posting an image of it together with a proper description to our company.

We also offer a more comprehensive version of art appraisal service for collectors who require a written report. The information provided could be as relatively simple as determining the maker of a specific item or, where that is practically impossible to determine, the school, workshop or manufacturer from which it emanates. Or it could be as relatively complex as providing identity, coupled with original use, place of origin, and social context and historical significance.

For more information about our valuation / appraisal services:

Andrew Williamson, Client Services
Tel: +1. 720.890.7700, ext. 1107


The passing of a family member or friend is never an easy or happy time in our lives. Wrapping up one’s estate can be a time consuming and emotional process, especially if you are dealing with ancient art. Whether you are unfamiliar with the art itself, the laws that govern the sale of ancient art, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling off a collection, Artemis Gallery is here to help you.

The Artemis Gallery team is composed of experts specializing in a wide range of ancient civilizations from all over the world. They will help you identify each piece, its value, and provide you with the best way to handle the liquidation of the estate.

Artemis Gallery offers competitive consignment rates, much lower than you will find at many other galleries and auction houses. We charge no extra fees for photography, advertising, or catalog services. Discounted rates are given for large estate collections, making consignment with Artemis Gallery even more appealing.

Worried about shipping ancient art yourself, or is the collection too large to handle yourself? Artemis Gallery understands how delicate ancient art is and can make arrangements to ship the art without you having to worry about doing it on your own.

Interested in consigning your estate collection with Artemis Gallery?  Please contact us via email to request a Free Appraisal or call us directly at 720-890-7700.