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Huge Petrified Tree Slice

New World, North America, Mesozoic Period, ca. 225 to 66 million years ago. A beautiful slice of petrified tree trunk, fossilized vegetation with a gorgeous mottled surface, highlighted by bright and dark red inclusions, creamy pure quartz crystals, yellow and dark brown streaks, and some preserved cellular structures. Wood becomes petrified when it dies and is buried under sediment that creates an anaerobic deposition environment. Water full of minerals flows through the wood, depositing minerals into its cells that slowly form stone as the cells decay. Iron oxides and manganese oxides in the water/mud that this tree fell into after its death gave it a variety of colors as it turned to stone. Size: 34" W x 26" H (86.4 cm x 66 cm)

Condition: Repaired from three large pieces, with a strip of fiberglass on one side stabilizing the repairs.

Provenance: private Arizona, USA collection

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