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Traveling with Fine Art

Artists throughout the ages have found inspiration in magical places and have used their talents to transport viewers to another time and another place – taking us to famous landmarks as well as more mysterious secret hideaways. The artworks in this special collection do just that. Gerard Mortier invites us on a gondola ride in Venice as well as a bustling Parisian market with his brush and palette. Milford Zornes’ command of line leads the way to a sunny California beach. Andrew White’s photography takes us to New York’s Coney Island, only surprisingly during the wintertime, when the Thunderbolt rollercoaster is shrouded by snow. Karl Bodmer’s hand-colored aquatint engraving provides a privileged view of Boston harbor at the end of the treacherous Atlantic crossing in the 1830’s. Lockwood Dennis’ striking oil on canvas lures us to a fantasy castle in the sky. Franz Kinnen’s vintage poster depicts a medieval castle in his gold, graphic style. Finally, Joel Greene tempts us with a unique view of the sweeping New Mexican landscape, capturing the dazzling Southwest light upon swirling volumes in a sun-kissed color palette. These artists have found their muse in marvelous places. Why not follow their lead, and travel via their tantalizing creations?