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Mid 19th C. Cambodian Brass Buddha

Southeast Asia, Cambodia, ca. 1850 CE. A finely cast brass Buddha figure, seated in full lotus position atop a lotus throne, his hands set in proper Bumisparsa mudra, his left hand holding medicine bowl. The Bhumisparsa (meaning"earth witness") Mudra, is one of the most iconic poses of Buddhism. His left palm is upright in his lap, and his right hand reaches down past his robes - here depicted in a lifelike and flowing manner - to touch the earth. This mudra comes from the story of Buddha asking Prthivi, the spirit of the earth, to witness his enlightenment when he was threatened by the king demon, Mara. A stunning piece of spiritual art that while made of brass, presents a silvery finish. An XRF (x-ray flourescence) test revealed that this silvery glow is due to its nickel content. Size: 2.25" H (5.7 cm)

Condition: Tiny loss to tip of flame ushnisha that is difficult to see. Normal surface wear and tarnish commensurate with age. Silvery sheen due to some nickel content of the brass.

Provenance: private Southern California, USA collection

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