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Gandharan Schist Attendant Holding Offering Bowl

Central Asia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Gandharan Empire, ca. 1st to 2nd century CE. A beautiful carving a bearded male attendant in a crouched pose with both knees bend to his left, holding a vessel in both hands, his muscular form carefully delineated, with a billowing sash from his robe draping from his left shoulder over his body, a neatly manicured coiffure combed away from his face, a full beard and mustache, partially closed eyes, a pronounced browline leading to a naturalistically rendered noses, wrinkles on his forehead, and otherwise smooth facial planes. Stylistically, the attention to the drapery, the sinuous, wavy Mediterranean hair, as well as the sensitive modeling of figure's faces demonstrates a great classical influence. Alexander the Great conquered Gandhara in 330 BCE and with the help of the Indo-Greek kings introduced classical traditions that would influence Gandharan art for the following seven centuries. A rare example of Greco-Buddhist art that demonstrates a strong syncretism between eastern and western traditions. Size: 11.25" H (28.6 cm); 13.25" H (33.7 cm) on included custom stand.

Central Asia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Gandharan Empire, ca. 1st century CE.

Condition: Losses to feet, small section of coiffure, rim of offering bowl, fingers, upper section and verso as shown. Surface wear with some abraded areas as shown. Earthen deposits.

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection

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