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All Inca and South American Pottery - Ancient South American Art - Artemis Gallery

In the Andean area of South America (modern-day Peru), the Chavín civilization flourished from around 1000 to 300 B.C. The Chavín produced small-scale pottery, often human in shape, but with animal features. Representations of jaguars are a common theme in Chavín art. The Andean Moche ca. 100-800 A.D., were among the best artisans of the New World, producing portrait vases (Moche ware). They were also goldsmiths and weavers of outstanding talent. The Inca culture of Peru and Bolivia (ca. 1200-1580 A.D.) sculpted animal and human figures, but best known for its architecture at Andean sites such as Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

Did you know?

Most of the great works of art made in Central and South America before the voyage of Columbus have been found in tombs. Enormous amounts of time, energy, and materials were spent to properly equip the societies' leaders and the elite for their journey from this earth.

Important/Exhibited Chavin Polychrome Rimmed Olla
Exceptional Chavin Maranon Polychrome Jar, ex-Museum
Chancay Painted Wood Figures - Male & Female
Rare Carved Chavin Vertebrae
Narino Polychrome Bowl - Monkeys
Published Colima Redware Swallow Jar
Huge / Vibrant Inca Textile Panel
Wari / Huari Anthropomorphic Wood Figure
Nazca Gold and Silver Ear Spools
Rare Moche Pottery Keros - Blood Drinking
Tairona Greenstone Bat-Wing Pendant, Ex- D. Bernstein
Chimu / Inca Copper & Gold Chalice and Cuff (pr)
Pre-Columbian Embroidered Textile Poncho w/ Gold Discs
Rare Wari Wood and Shell Ear Spool - Warrior Figure
Nazca / Wari High Karat Gold Arm Band
Chancay Pottery Whistling Stirrup Jar, ex-Sotheby's PB
Recuay Pottery Jar - Royal Figure & Animals
Superb Moche Stirrup Vessel - Ai Apec and Pet
Early 12th C. Authentic Chancay Textile & Reed Doll
Moche Figural Pottery Jar in Human Form
Handsome Trio of Chimu Inca Wood & Textile Combs
Chimu Silver Necklace + 25 Bird Adornments
Fine Chorrera Valdivian Jaguar Stone Mortar, ex-Siegal
Group of 3 Valdivian Pottery Venus Figures
Vicus Pottery Olla in Human Form - Nude Female
Adorable Chancay Pottery Mother & Child
Jamacoaque Polychrome Seated Figure, ex-Arnovick
Remarkable Jamacoaque Pottery Jaguar Shaman
Rare Chorrera Valdivian Jaguar Tooth Stone Effigy
Fine Jamacoaque Polychrome Pottery Maskette
Jamacoaque Polychrome Seated Shaman w/ Costume
Peruvian Inca Post Conquest Wooden Kero
Group of 11 Moche Gold Tumbaga Discs
Trio of Huge Rock Crystal Beads
Wonderful Huari Wooden Drug Palette & Wooden Spoon
Moche Stone / Copper Collar - Warrior and Weapons
Jama Coaque Pottery Standing Female
La Tolita Ecuadoran Pottery Fragment
Pre-Columbian Chimu Copper Funerary Mask
Pre-Columbian Pottery Standing Abstract Figure
Chimu Polychrome Textile Panel / Coca Bag
Pre-Columbian Peruvian Textile Panel w/ Birds
Pre-Columbian Textile Panel w/ Fringe
Large Chancay Textile Panel - Standing Women
Proto-Nazca Textile Munecas Framed Panel
Vibrant Ica / Wari Textile Neck Piece
Pre-Columbian Carnelian / Green Stone Necklace
Tairona Green Bead Necklace w/ Rock Crystal, Carnelian
Rare Santa Ana Chavin-Salinar Transitional Vessel