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All Inca and South American Pottery - Ancient South American Art - Artemis Gallery

In the Andean area of South America (modern-day Peru), the Chavín civilization flourished from around 1000 to 300 B.C. The Chavín produced small-scale pottery, often human in shape, but with animal features. Representations of jaguars are a common theme in Chavín art. The Andean Moche ca. 100-800 A.D., were among the best artisans of the New World, producing portrait vases (Moche ware). They were also goldsmiths and weavers of outstanding talent. The Inca culture of Peru and Bolivia (ca. 1200-1580 A.D.) sculpted animal and human figures, but best known for its architecture at Andean sites such as Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

Did you know?

Most of the great works of art made in Central and South America before the voyage of Columbus have been found in tombs. Enormous amounts of time, energy, and materials were spent to properly equip the societies' leaders and the elite for their journey from this earth.

Important/Exhibited Chavin Polychrome Rimmed Olla
Important & Exceptional Chavin Maranon Polychrome Jar
Pair of Chancay/Huacho Wooden Painted Figures
Framed Trio of Pre-Columbian Stone Figures
Large North Coast Peruvian Textile with Avian Motif
Pre-Columbian Salinar Stirrup Vessel
Pre-Columbian Spindle Whorls - Unique Display
Sinu High Karat Gold Nose Ring / Pendant
Rare Carved Chavin Vertebrae
Proto-Nazca Mantle with Munecas
Huari Gold Plume with Jaguar Features - Ex-Sotheby's
Inca Stirrup Vessel, Seated Man in Trance
Lg. Jamacoaque Polychrome Whistle - Female Musician
Mezcala Stone Pendant - Rare Skin Bag Form
Narino Polychrome Bowl - Monkeys
Rare Pre-Columbian Lid w/ Bird, ex-Arte Primitivo
Lot of 2 Mezcala Stone Anthropomorphic Figure + Amulet
Spectacular Moche Gilded Copper Tupus (pr)
Published Significant Colima Pottery Swallow Jar
Pre-Columbian Chancay Painted Textiles (framed pair)
Incan Ceremonial Textile Sling
Pre-Columbian Huari / Wari Woven Sash
Huge / Vibrant Inca Textile Panel
Large / Important Inca Stone Model of a Fortress
Wari / Huari Anthropomorphic Wood Figure
Nazca Polychrome Effigy Vessel
Nazca / Wari Transitional Bowl
Two Peruvian Decorated Ceramic Bowls - Inca & Cajamarca
Chimu Ensemble - 2 Clay Whistles, Beads & Textile
Huari Silver Bracelet - Warrior
Rare Huari Pottery Whistling Vessel, ex-Arte Primitivo
Nazca Gold and Silver Ear Spools
Large Chorrera Spouted Vessel
Pre-Columbian Strap-Handled Pottery Jar
Rare Pre-Columbian Cabuza Pottery Kero
Rare Moche Pottery Keros - Blood Drinking
Tairona Greenstone Bat-Wing Pendant, Ex- D. Bernstein
Trio of Tairona Greenstone Bat-Wing Pendants
Pre-Columbian Tairona Footed Blackware Vessel
Moche Bichrome Stirrup Vessel, ex-Lupita Tovar
Quimbaya Pottery Slab Male Figure w/ Gold Nose Ring
Viru Copper Oarsman
Inca Bichrome Jar with Beer Drinking Friends
Calima High Karat Gold Crown
Sican Gilded Silver Kero
Huge Chancay Bichrome Storage Vessel - Monkeys
Chimu Wood Totem Figure
Fine Chancay Pottery Twin Lobed Shaman Vessel
Rare Paracas Leg Bone Spatula - Drug Paraphernalia
20th C. Peruvian Painted Wood Retablo, Ex-Historia
Choice Chorrera Pottery Olla
Manteno Blackware Olla w/ Human Figure, ex-Arnovick
Moche II Stirrup Vessel in Foot Form, ex-Arte Primitivo
Jamacoaque Pottery Jar - Nursing Mother
Rare & Superb Inca Pottery Pacha
Brilliant 19th C. Bolivian Aymara Textile Panel
Incredibly Long Nazca Textile Sash - Almost 16 Feet
Superb Moche Portrait Jar - Warrior
Lot of 3 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Fragments