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Ancient Roman Art & Antiquities for Sale - Artemis Gallery

Roman art takes great influence from the Greeks, while distinguishing itself as a utilitarian oriented art form in pottery, and striving for the most realistic representations in sculpture. Roman art is divided into two major periods, Republican and Imperial, following the political changes in Rome. The Republican period roughly stretches from 509 to 27 BCE, while the Imperial Period stretches from 27 BCE to 476 CE.


Inspired by the achievements of the ancient Greeks, Romans made their city the center of an empire unsurpassed in size and influence for more than a thousand years. Romans erected structures so well-built and engineered that they still stand millennia later, yet these same buildings also showcased blood sports as public entertainment. The Romans instituted just government, impartial legal and political institutions, and concepts of citizenship, yet its population included slaves, as well as patricians and plebeians, and was often rife by intrigue, superstition, and savagery.