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Pre-Columbian Art for Sale - Antiquities, Pottery & More - Artemis Gallery

Artemis Gallery’s Pre-Columbian antiquities collection is always growing. Be sure to check back to see our new additions.

Large & Fine Colima Redware Pottery Puppy
Adorable Veracruz Pottery Whistling Pull Toy - Jaguar
Casas Grande Early Ramos Polychrome Bowl
Chancay Painted Wood Figures - Male & Female
Chancay Pottery Whistling Stirrup Jar, ex-Sotheby's PB
Chavin Redware Stirrup Vessel with Twin Snakes
Chimu / Inca Copper & Gold Chalice and Cuff (pr)
Chimu Blackware Spouted Vessel, Deer Form
Chimu Blackware Vessels - Bird Form + Lizard Motif (2)
Chimu Gold and Shell Necklace - Wearable!
Chimu Silver Necklace + 25 Bird Adornments
Colima Pottery Animal Form Vessel
Colima Crawling Shaman w/ Huge Phallus, ex-Messick
Costa Rican Volcanic Stone Kneeling Warrior
Costa Rican Volcanic Stone Metate
Early 12th C. Authentic Chancay Textile & Reed Doll
Exceptional Chavin Maranon Polychrome Jar, ex-Museum
Extremely Rare & Important Taino Wooden Zemi Vessel
Fine Chontal Stone Mask - 600 BC
Fine Chorrera Valdivian Jaguar Stone Mortar, ex-Siegal
Handsome Trio of Chimu Inca Wood & Textile Combs
Huge / Vibrant Inca Textile Panel
Huge Chupicuaro Red / White Pottery Tripod
Huge Olmecoid Chontal Greenstone Figure - Ex Museum
Important Olmec Blue-Green Jade Were Jaguar Figure
Important Taino Stone Three Pointer Zemi
Important/Exhibited Chavin Polychrome Rimmed Olla
Impressive Group of 5 Aztec Clay Spindle Whorls
Impressive Guerrero Mezcala Green Stone Axe God
Jalisco Bichrome Terracotta Seated Figure
Jalisco Pottery Flat - Mother Holding Child
Jalisco San Sebastian Kneeling Female Figure
Jamacoaque Polychrome Pottery Maskette, ex-Arnovick
Sican / Lambayeque 18K Gold Applique - Naylamp
Large / Important Wari Polychrome Jar - Birds & Frogs
Large / Rare Olmecoid Jade Maskette
Large Chancay Pottery China / Olla
Large Michoacan Pottery Pretty Lady, ex-Arte Primitivo
Large North Coast Peruvian Textile with Avian Motif
Large/Fine Guerrero Mezcala Greenstone Head, ex Arnovik
Lg Mayan Polychrome Plate - Kill Hole in Center
Lot of 2 Pre-Columbian Polychrome Bowls
Mayan Brownware Plate
Mayan Peten Redware Pottery Bowl
Mayan Pottery Rattled Dish - Breasts as Legs
Mayan Terracotta Poison Pot - Kukulcan / Quetzal
Mayan Toltec Seated Pottery Figure - Corn Goddess
Mayan Ulua Valley Pottery Polychrome Cylinder
Mezcala Guerrero Brown Stone Head
Miniature Mezcala Green Serpentine Amulet
Miniature Olmec Jadeite Maskette
Moche Blackware Portrait Head Rattle
Moche Figural Pottery Jar in Human Form
Moche II Stirrup Vessel in Foot Form, ex-Arte Primitivo
Moche Pottery Stirrup Vessel - Seated Old Man
Narino Polychrome Bowl - Monkeys
Narino Pottery Bowl with Warrior Decoration
Nazca / Wari High Karat Gold Arm Band
Nazca Gold and Silver Ear Spools
Olmec Green Stone Ceremonial Hand Axe (Celt)
Olmecoid / Proto Mayan Pottery Kneeling Male Figure
Pair of Fine Pre-Columbian Wooden Loom Sticks
Pair of Valdivian Pottery Venus Figures
Pre-Columbian Blackware Pipe - Incredibly Long!
Pre-Columbian Jalisco Kneeling Female Figure
Pre-Columbian Strap-Handled Pottery Jar
Pre-Columbian Toltec Stone Figurine
Pre-Columbian Vicus Effigy Jar, Negative-Resist
Published Colima Redware Swallow Jar
Rare Carved Chavin Vertebrae
Rare Framed Lot of 3 Venezuelan Stone Figures
Rare Guerrero Mezcala Dark Stone Maskette
Rare Mayan White Jade Maskette
Rare Moche Pottery Keros - Blood Drinking
Rare Monte Alban Crema Paste Bottle - Seated Lord
Rare Olmec Engraved Stone Drug Palette
Rare Taino Stone Zoomorphic Idol - Important Example
Rare Wari Wood and Shell Ear Spool - Warrior Figure
Recuay Pottery Jar - Royal Figure & Animals
Remojadas Vera Cruz Coast Watcher
Superb Chupicuaro Polychrome Standing Figure
Superb Moche Stirrup Vessel - Ai Apec and Pet
Taino Stone Amulet - Male Anatomy
Tairona Agate Necklace w/ 12K Gold Beads - Ex Sotheby's
Tairona Beaded Necklace w/ Shells - Bat Forms
Tairona Crystal, Carnelian and Green Stone Necklace
Tairona Greenstone Bat-Wing Pendant, Ex- D. Bernstein
Tall & Handsome Chimu Inca Silver Kero
Tall Chontal Green Stone Anthropomorphic Figure
Three Valdivian Pottery Venus Figures
Unusual Colima Pottery Olla w/ Large Human Head
Unusually Large Nayarit Chinesca Pottery Female
Vera Cruz Coast Watcher
Vera Cruz Stone Palma, ex-Binoche Auction
Veracruz Pottery Head of Warrior or Shaman
Veracruz Pottery Sonriente Head
Veracruz Stone Head of Lord / Old God
Very Rare Costa Rican Stone Lizard
Very Rare Taino Stone Serpent Scepter or Dagger
Vibrant Kuna Island Textile Mola - Puppeteer
Vibrant Kuna Island Textile Mola - Vampire Bat
Vicus Pottery Olla in Human Form - Nude Female
Wari / Huari Anthropomorphic Wood Figure
Wearable Tairona Greenstone & Carnelian Necklace
Choice Colima Gingerbread Pottery Figure
Huari Rock Crystal Human Figure
Stunning Tairona Carnelian Double Strand Necklace
Fine Mayan Jade Standing figure
Adorable Chancay Pottery Mother & Child
Pre-Columbian West Mexican Pottery Turtle
Fine Costa Rican Volcanic Stone Sukia Figure
Jamacoaque Polychrome Seated Figure, ex-Arnovick
Nayarit Pottery Emaciated Male Figure
Remarkable Jamacoaque Pottery Jaguar Shaman
Rare Chorrera Valdivian Jaguar Tooth Stone Effigy
Fine Jamacoaque Polychrome Pottery Maskette
Jamacoaque Polychrome Seated Shaman w/ Costume
Moche Copper Ceremonial Tumi w/ Jaguar
Very Large Colima Pottery Gingerbread Man
Inca Silver Corseted Kero