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Pre-Columbian Art for Sale - Antiquities, Pottery & More - Artemis Gallery

Artemis Gallery’s Pre-Columbian antiquities collection is always growing. Be sure to check back to see our new additions.

Colima Erotic Vessel - Male with Large Phallus
Tairona Greenstone Bat-Wing Pendant, Ex- D. Bernstein
Rare Moche Pottery Keros - Blood Drinking
Rare Carved Chavin Vertebrae
Rare Olmec/Xochipala Jadeite Bowl
Pre-Columbian Spindle Whorls - Unique Display
Guerrero Stone Raspador - Musical Instrument
Large North Coast Peruvian Textile with Avian Motif
Framed Trio of Pre-Columbian Stone Figures
Important/Exhibited Chavin Polychrome Rimmed Olla
Nazca Gold and Silver Ear Spools
Important & Exceptional Chavin Maranon Polychrome Jar
Pre-Columbian Toltec Stone Figurine
Chancay / Huacho Painted Wood Figures - Male & Female
Published Colima Redware Swallow Jar
Mayan Toltec Seated Pottery Figure - Corn Goddess
Miniature Mezcala Green Serpentine Amulet
Mezcala Stone Amulet - Rare Miniature Skin Bag Form
Narino Polychrome Bowl - Monkeys
Jalisco Bichrome Terracotta Seated Figure
Nayarit Crouching Seated Male
Rare Pre-Columbian Lid w/ Bird, ex-Arte Primitivo
Vera Cruz Coast Watcher
Mayan Peten Polychrome Pottery Plate, Fruit-like Glyphs
Lot of 2 Pre-Columbian Birds - Figurinal and Whistle
Lot of 2 Mezcala Stone Anthropomorphic Figure + Amulet
Group of 5 Pre-Columbian Objects - Tiny Whistle!
Tarascan Blackware Pottery Pipe - Incredibly Long!
Jalisco Tripod Terracotta Vessel - Anthropomorphic
Huge / Vibrant Inca Textile Panel
Wari / Huari Anthropomorphic Wood Figure
Framed Lot of 6 Pre-Columbian Miniature Vessels
16 Colima Obsidian Blades & Arrowheads
Nazca / Wari Transitional Bowl
Two Peruvian Decorated Ceramic Bowls - Inca & Cajamarca
Chimu Ensemble - 2 Clay Whistles, Beads & Textile
Huari Silver Bracelet - Warrior
Toltec Decorated Tripod Grater Bowl
Huastec Stone Palma - Abstract Zoomorph
Mayan Brownware Tripod Plate
Lot of 14 Pre-Columbian Spindle Whorls and Beads
Veracruz Stone Seated Figure, ex-Arte Primitivo
Lot of 3 Pre-Columbian Pottery Whistles
Jalisco Man on Pallet
Jalisco Mother and Child Figure
Costa Rican Nicoya Polychrome Standing Venus
Pre-Columbian Strap-Handled Pottery Jar
Superb Jalisco Ameca Style Male & Female Matched Pair
Pre-Columbian Tairona Footed Blackware Vessel
Chontal Carved Greenstone Idol
Group of 3 Mayan Obsidian Eccentric Flints
Moche II Stirrup Vessel in Foot Form, ex-Arte Primitivo
Superb Moche Portrait Jar - Warrior
Moche Copper Staff Bell Finial - Band of Monkeys
Rare Inca Copper Bola - Twin Animals
Mayan Jaina Island Pottery Standing Lord Rattle
Mayan Terracotta Poison Pot - Kukulcan / Quetzal
Superb & Rare Quimbaya Pottery Seated Female
Chimu / Inca Copper & Gold Chalice and Cuff (pr)
Rare Chancay Pottery Jar - Falcon Catching Frog
Colima Pottery Flat - Male Figure
Nayarit Chinesco Polychrome Seated Figure
Pair Pre-Columbian Pottery Figures
Miniature Matched Pair of Chavin Bone Snuff Containers
Desirable Large Tiahuanaco Hardwood Snuff Palette
Attractive Proto-Mayan Pottery Standing Female
Late Chavin Stone Fish Snuff Palette - Very Rare!
Rare Chavin Decorated Stone Bowl - Demon Figures
Chupicuaro Polychrome Bowl - Human Figures
Jamacoaque Polychrome Pottery Maskette, ex-Arnovick
Pre-Columbian Seated Elder Male Pottery Figure
Pre-Columbian Terracotta Gourd Vessel
Large Mayan Polychrome Plate with Kill Hole
Remojadas Vera Cruz Coast Watcher
Nayarit Chinesca Standing Figure, ex-Arte Primitivo
Rare Huge Ica Polychrome Pottery Cuchimilco
Rare Inca Wooden Foot Plow - Chalki Taklla
Jalisco San Sebastian Redware Kneeling Female Figure
Valdivian Shell Skull Snuff Vessel
Nazca Shell Amputee Figure with Gold Hat
Costa Rican Pottery Ocarina - Monkey
Lot of 4 Pre-Columbian Pottery Bowls
Three Decorated West Mexican Pottery Bowls
Large Jalisco Kneeling Female Clay Figure - Ameca Style
Large Pottery Section Chupicuaro Pretty Lady
An Olmec Stone Werejaguar Mask, ex-Museum
Mayan Jaina Island Ceremonial Rattle - Standing Lord
Very Fine Veracruz Pottery Head of Old God
Adorable Aztec Volcanic Stone Animal, ex-Arnovick
Rare Wari Wood and Shell Ear Spool - Warrior Figure
Nazca / Wari High Karat Gold Arm Band
Mayan Pottery Rattle - Standing Lord
Lot of 2 Pre-Columbian Chimu Ceremonial Tumis
Large Bichrome Chancay Pottery Olla - Bird / Egg Motif
Pair Chimu Blackware Vessels - Bird Form + Lizard Motif
Lot of 4 Pre-Columbian Bone and Stone Pendants
Inca Pottery Bird-Form Stirrup Jar, ex-Sotheby's PB
Chancay Pottery Whistling Stirrup Jar, ex-Sotheby's PB
Rare Moche Fine-Line Stirrup Jar, ex-Sotheby's PB
Chimi Gilded Copper Feather-Shaped Adornment
Fine Nazca Polychrome Figural Jar
Whistling Veracruz Terracotta Standing Shaman
Trio of Pre-Columbian Pottery Bird-Form Pieces
Rare Mezcala Guerrero Crystal Stone Frog
Pair of Pre-Columbian Pottery Flat Female Figures
Huge Olmecoid Chontal Greenstone Figure - Ex Museum
Veracruz Pottery Whistling Sonriente
Lovely Jalisco Miniature Pottery Bowl & 3 Labrets
Casas Grande Early Ramos Polychrome Bowl
Pre-Columbian Chontal Carved Stone Figure
Quimbaya Seated Figure w/ Gold Nose Ring
Miniature Olmec Jadeite Maskette
Important Olmec Blue-Green Jade Were Jaguar Figure