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Ancient Egyptian Art & Antiquities for Sale - Artemis Gallery

Ancient Egyptian art captures the notions of tradition and endurance. One of the first cultures to emerge around the Mediterranean, the stylistic features of their art remained almost unchanged throughout their entire history. Originating in the 6th Millennium BCE, Ancient Egyptian culture was even ancient to who we consider to be the ancients, with Egyptian origins predating the Greeks by over 4 millennia (to put that into perspective, the “Greeks” didn’t even exist 4 millennia ago from our time). Resisting outside influence over those many millennia, Egyptian art preserved its stylistic purity, with major changes only beginning to occur after the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Although the Egyptians had xenophobic tendencies, the rest of the Mediterranean world indulged themselves in Egyptian art and culture, bringing Egyptian deities into their own pantheons and collecting Egyptian trinkets such as scarabs and anything with hieroglyphs. Egyptian art and artifacts are still some of the most prized possession in modern collections, commanding high prices and world wide attention.