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Costa Rican Carved Stone Peg Figure of a Shaman

Pre-Columbian, Costa Rica, Diquis Region, ca. 1000 to 1450 CE. A carved stone figure representing a standing shaman in a trance-like state, the peg base tan basalt male figure with broad, square demarcated shoulders and arms, the right hand held to his waist, the right hand held up over his heart, fingers and toes outspread, and a face distinguished by large lunate-shaped eyes, a full nose, pursed lips, and a pointed chin. Diquis stone sculptures are admired for the abstract, geometric style. Custom stand. Size: 5.75" W x 10.125" H (14.6 cm x 25.7 cm); 9.75" H (25.7 cm x 14.6 cm x 24.8 cm) on stand because the piece stands at an angle

About a very similar piece in the Denver Art Museum, their curatorial team writes, " This rigidly frontal sculpture likely once stood atop a chiefly house mound or in the plaza of a town in the Diqu

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