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Large / Fine Fossilized Megalodon Tooth

Ancient seas, ca. 2 million years ago. A fine example of a fossilized megalodon tooth, with varied colors of stone, ranging from deep onyx in the interior to brown and grey at the serrated edges. Comes with custom stand. Size: 4.35" W x 5.1" H (11 cm x 13 cm); height on stand: 5.8" (14.7 cm).

Megalodon (Carcharodon megalodon, literally "big tooth"), thought to have become extinct 1.6 million years ago, is the largest known member of the shark family. Fossil reconstructions suggest Megalodon reached lengths up to 54 feet, three times larger than Great Whites. Megalodons preferred shallow, coastal waters, which would have been full of prey, and their teeth are often found along coastlines in those areas. Prior to 1666, when naturalist Nicolaus Steno studied shark teeth and realized the error, people believed that these teeth were moon rocks or dragon's tongues. Megalodon teeth are all that remain of these ancient creatures, whose skeletal structures - like those of all sharks - were made of cartilage and did not fossilize. A megalodon's age at death can be determined by the growth rings radiating from the centra of the tooth

Condition: Intact and polished

Provenance: private Colorado, USA collection; ex-Whales Locker, Maui, Hawaii, USA

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